Lighting mixers

Portable and fixed mount

the enhanced classic line (ECL) are fixed mount and portable mixers that offer the highest performance and quality, giving an even stronger and more versatile product.

Series 10

Durable, versatile, cost-effective, field proven designed with minimal maintence. The largest taper roller bearings in a mixer of this class help produce a B10 life of 100,000 hrs or greater, the integrated “drywell” and casing design eliminate the risk of oil leakage over the tank or into the product.

Series 70/80

The workhorse of the lightning mixer drive range with over 40,000 placed in service since its introduction in 1970, the 70 series mechanical design technology is the industry’s most proven agitator drive technology.

Series 98

A parallel shaft all helical gear design provides enhanced installation flexibility where there are space limitations on top of the vessel.