Pure Air Filtration

Your World Leader in the Removal of Gases, Odors, & Vapors Custom Engineered Solutions High Quality Products Excellent Customer Service Industry Leading Experience and Technology

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Trosten Products AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT Air Handling Unit TAH Series Eurovent Certified with EC Fans Capacity range: 600 CFM to 80000 CFM Refrigerants R22, R410a, R407c, R134a, R404a Available in both chilled water and direct expansion system Heat Recovery Unit / Fresh Air Handling Unit TAH Series Eurovent Certified with…

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Dollinger Filtration

Dollinger Filtration The dollinger range of filtration products for the air, oil & gas, power generation, petrochemical industries and process Process filters (liquid and gas) the dollinger filter elements incorporates the efficient radial finned design which provides the largest filtration area for a given element size. This increases dirt-holding capacity,…

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Plenty Filtration

Plenty Filtration The plenty yrange of filtration products for the air, oil & gas, power generation, petrochemical industries and process filtration activated carbon filters angle basket strainers backflush filters backflush filters q15 bag filter bathtub T-type strainers cartridge filters coalesce filters compact backflusher strainer cyclone separator dry gas filters fabricated…

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Lighting mixers

Lighting mixersPortable and fixed mount the enhanced classic line (ECL) are fixed mount and portable mixers that offer the highest performance and quality, giving an even stronger and more versatile product. Series 10 Durable, versatile, cost-effective, field proven designed with minimal maintence. The largest taper roller bearings in a mixer…

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Neptune chemical metering pumps chemical dosing pumps chemical feed systems pumps accessories Neptune hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps are typically used for chemical metering in process and agricultural industries. Chemical metering pumps are available for high and low pressure applications with manual and electronic stroke control. Neptune manufactures a complete selection…

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Liberty pumps

Liberty pumps Liberty pumps is a leading U.S. manufacture of pumping product for ground water and wastewater removal in residential and commercial applications. With a focus on innovative product design, our wide range of pump styles includes: sump pumps, sewage pumps, effluent pumps, drain pumps, grinder pumps, complete preassembled sewage…

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HASCON FILTRATION The most qualified technology partner for every industry that sees the problem of air quality as a real need Pulsatron compact Installed with high efficiency cartridge de-dusting filters and a pulse jet self-cleaning system Bag compact filter A self-cleaning dust collector unit with pulse pneumatic cleaning (“pulse-jet”) suitable…

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Yildiz pumps Yildiz pumps is a positive displacement pumps with manufacturing company based in Turkey and specialized in internal gear pumps, external gear pump and rotary lobe pumps. All pumps hold CE, and TUV ISO9001: 2000 certificates and the gear pumps range is ATEX rated. Yildiz pumps can be used…

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